Frequently Asked Questions

Final Payment When do I make my final payment? If you have only paid the 50% deposit for the holiday, you need to settle the remainder at least 6 weeks before your arrival date.
Questions What if I have any questions during our stay? A comprehensive list of questions and answers follows. If yours is not here, please ask our management company, Alpvision VIP, or the Tourist Office. If they cannot resolve them, please phone us on 07766 461908.
Arrival What time can I arrive? We ask that you arrive between 16.00 and 17.30 to ensure that the apartment can be checked prior to your arrival and so that you can pick up the key and linen/towels, if needed. If arriving outside these times, please let our management company know so they make alternative arrangements with you. See also supermarkets re food and toiletries.
Arrival What happens on arrival? You collect key and linen from Alpvision, our management company's office.
Bedlinen What size are the beds if I take my own sheets? All are standard singles but the two in the main bedroom are pushed together and would take linen for a 6ft wide double. Continental Quilts and pillows are provided. (The double has 2 single quilts.) the sofa beds take double fitted sheets. There is a washer dryer in the laundry room downstairs for you to wash your clothes, towels and bedding if needed during your stay.
Bedlinen How much does it cost to hire bedlinen and towels? It costs £20 per person. You collect them when you collect the key and return them to the office after your stay. If it is open, there is a large laundry bag in Reception. If it is closed, just deposit them in a bag through the grating in the ground just in front of the Bank Cantonale which is the building to the left of the VIP office.
Bicycle Hire How much does it cost and where do we hire from? Approx CHF40 for one day and approx CHF150 for 6 days. Bikes can be hired from Fragniere Sports during the main Summer season and VIP in Spring and Autum.
Car Children in cars. All children under the age of 12 must sit in the backseat of the car and have appropriate seating for their age.
Car Do I have to have snow chains? Yes, between November and April you may need them. In some months it is a legal requirement to carry snow chains and also a warning triangle at all times. For road conditions telephone 0900 571234 or 163, also
Car What are the speed limits in Switzerland? Unless otherwise marked, on main roads the maximum is 100kph, Motorways 120kph and city limits 50kph.
Car What is the alcohol limit? At time of writing 6 April 2015, 0.05mg per ml so virtually nothing! But do check with the swiss embassy, for current limit.
Car Where can I park at appt? Our parking space is number 8 in the parking area behind Balcons du Soleil 1. This space is free of charge to our guests so long as they display the parking permit. Please print in colour the parking permit that we send you and display it on your windscreen. Additional spaces in other car parks are available from Alpvision/VIP at additional cost of CHF70 per week and are situated either under Hotel Chalet Royal, under Alpvision/VIP, or at end of high street. DO NOT JUST PARK ANYWHERE - THERE ARE TRAFFIC WARDENS
Cleaning What happens about cleaning? Cleaning products are available for you to use if you need them and stored in the cupboard in the hall. £100 charge covers all utilities and cleaning after your stay - see blue instruction sheet in apartment.
DVD Player How do I operate the DVD Player? Ensure TV and DVD Player are turned on. Then, just insert a DVD into the player and it will appear on the TV screen for selection of tracks.
Departure What happens at departure? You need to clear the fridge freezer of all food and take all rubbish out of the apartment, leaving the bins empty and clean. You also need to return your used linen/towels to Alpvision.
Doctor Where is the doctor and what time are they open? The Doctor and Pharmacy are in the High Street by La Taniere restaurant. It is open in the Winter from 8.30am to 11.30am and 4pm to 6pm. In the summer it is open from 9.30am to 12 noon.
Electricity What is the voltage and do I need an adaptor? The voltage is 230v. UK appliances are designed to work on this. We have supplied an iron and a hairdryer but if you are taking other appliances, you will need to take an adaptor that has the Swiss 2 pin plug on it.
Gondolas How far away are they and how long do they take? The Veysonnaz Gondola is the closest and less than a 5 minute drive from the apartment or 10 to 15 mins if you walk. The Veysonnaz Gondola is very new and takes approx 5 minutes to the top station. There is another Gondola at The Piste de l'Ours and this takes 10 minutes.
Hairdryer Hairdryer There is a hairdryer in the bedroom for your use.
Heating How is the apartment heated? The apartment has underfloor heating which keeps it wonderfully warm in winter.
Laundry How can I wash something? Washing machines are on ground floor. Coin slot to pay. Need to buy own powder. There is an iron and ironing board in the apartment for your use.
Management Company What are the opening times for Alpvision, the management company? High Season - Reception is open Monday to Friday 8 to 10 and 4 to 6. Saturday 8 to 6. Sunday 9 to 11 and 3 to 5. Call centre is open Monday to Friday 8 to 12 and 1.30 to 6. Saturday 8 to 6. Sunday 9 to 12 and 1.30 to 5. Low season Monday till Friday, 9 to 11 and 4 to 6. Call center available from Monday till Saturday 8 to 12 and 1.30 to 6.
Postal Where can I buy stamps? In the souvenier shop - Le Kiosque, in the main street.
Postal Where is the nearest Post Box? They are yellow - one at the end of the lane at the bottom of the hill or opposite Le Greppon Blanc.
Radio/TV What English speaking radio stations are there? There are many Radio stations available on the TV including English speaking ones.
Restaurants Which are the best restaurants? All that we have tried have very good food and service - see list in apartment folder.
Shutters How do I open/close the shutters? Those in the bathrooms and second bedroom are quite straightforward, just use the long metal catch onto the inside of the shutter. To operate those in the lounge and main bedroom - take the pole by the side of the window; bend the bottom into a handle; turn the handle clockwise or anticlockwise to operate.
Skiing What are the best runs for children and beginners? Those at Thyon, Les Collons and Les Masses. To get to these, go up Veysonnaz gondola, turn left and head between the Tbar and the button lifts. Go down small blue and on round past the Thyon Apartments.(My son also did the reds of Piste de l'Ours and the Veysonnaz run when he was nly 5 years old).
Skiing Where do we book ski school? At the Swiss ski school office in the Tourist Information Office.
Skiing Where do we buy lift passes? Daily at the Kiosk near the Gondola station or in high season at the VIP offices on Saturdays and Sundays only.
Skiing Where does the skischool meet? At the top station of the Gondola from Veysonnaz at 9.30 am. We recommend that you catch the gondola by 9.00 am to give you plenty of time to get there.
Skiing Where is best place to get Skis & Boots? All sports shop charge approx the same. Fragniere and Neige Aventure are nearest to the Gondola and both speak good English.
Skiing Where can I leave Skis & Boots? There are indoor lockers by the gondola station that you can hire for approx CHF 50 pw - takes up to 4 sets of skis & boots. There is a lockable ski room at the apartments for you to use free of charge.
Skiing Where is the nearest ski bus stop and how often do they run? The two closest are either up stairs to side of apartment and in front of Les Cretes at the top of the steep hill or at end of road at bottom of steep hill. Both take just 5 mins to get to. The Bus is free but you must wave your ski pass at it to stop and then show pass as you get on. Runs every 20 minutes, 8am to 11am and 3pm to 5pm except Satudays.
Supermarket Where is the best - cheapest supermarket? The ones in the village do sell everything that you will need. They are open in the mornings and late afternoon. However, as you might expect, they are more expensive than those in the valley. We recommend that you buy your groceries on the way from the airport at one of the large supermarkets such as Lidl, Migros or Coop in Conthey, just off the motorway, one stop before the city of Sion. Coop is open 8.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Thursday, 8.30am to 9pm on Friday and 8am to 5pm on Saturday. Closed on Sundays. If you think you may arrive after the supermarkets have closed, it is advisable to buy bread, milk, toilet rolls, soap and whatever you may need for breakfast the next day at La Cote garage/service station on the motorway approx 30km from Geneva airport.
Swimming pool What times is it open and how much is it? The pool is in the Wellness Centre. Opening times are 3pm to 9pm seven days a week. Closed for the months of May and October. CHF5 per person. Additional cost for Sauna, Massages etc.
Television Are there any English Channels? Channels 400 to 414 are English channels.
Tourist Info Where is Tourist Office Near the Gondola Station, next to Fragniere Sports normally open 10 to 12 and 2 to 5 on Sat/Sun and 8.30 to 12 and 1.30 to 6 on Monday to Friday.
Travel How long does it take from Geneva airport to the apartment? Under 2 hours for normal journey. In heavy snow, you need to build in a further 2 hours.
Travel How long does it take from the apartment to Geneva airport? Under 2 hours for normal journey. If it snows overnight before you leave, you need to have built in a further 2 hours to ensure that you catch your check in time, 2 hours before your flight time. If it doesn't snow, you could use that extra 2 hours by stopping off somewhere en route, eg Montreux or Lausanne.
Village How far is it to the village centre and how do I get there? You can either: climb the steps on the right hand side of the apartment and walk up a small hill to the main street - this takes about 3-4 minutes - or you can go along the road (down which you will have driven to get to the apartment) and up the steepish hill to the mainstreet - which takes about 10 minutes.
WiFi How do I get WiFi? This is available in our apartment and directions to use it will be sent to you when you have made your final payment.

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