Directions from Geneva Airport to 20 Balcons du Soleil (1)

Road app. km To Total km
Airport E25/E62 58 Lausanne 58
Lausanne E62 29 Montreux 87
Montreux E27/E62 46 Martigny 133
Martigny E27/E62 23.5 Sion 155
Sion sign E27/E62 1.5 Sion Ouest exit 156.5
Sion Ouest -- -- 0.5 Roundabouts 157
Roundabouts -- -- 0.5 Bridge 157.5
Bridge -- -- 2 Roundabout 159.4
Roundabout -- -- 8 Beuson 167.3
Beuson -- -- 3 Veysonnaz sign 170.3
Beuson -- -- 1.5 Alpvision 171.7
Alpvision -- -- 1 Apartment 172.7

Go to your Car Rental desk in the Arrivals Hall
Exit Car Rental Area and catch Shuttle bus to Car Rental multi storey car park
On leaving Car Rental Area turn right onto slip road
Turn right and then drive around the multi storey turning right and right again, following signs for Toute Directions
You now need to move into the centre lane and then turn off left signposted to Lausanne E25/E62
(This is quite a tricky maneouvre as there are traffic lights for this left turn so make sure you are Green to go and no traffic is coming towards you on your left hand side)
Drive along slip road to join the motorway following signs for E25/E62 for Lausanne and now its easy driving!
After approx 30km there is La Cote service station where you can buy supplies
At Lausanne, between 56 & 58 km, follow signs for Lausanne Nord
At 58km, keep on E62 for Montreux
At 87km at Montreux, keep on E27/E62 to Martigny
At 133km at Martigny, take middle lane and follow signs for Sion
(At approx 150km you can turn off to Conthey and purchase groceries in supermarkets.)
At 157km, take Sion Ouest exit, give way at roundabout and take second exit (ie 9 oclock) to Nendaz
Go straight over next small roundabout, over bridge and sharp left to Nendaz
Go past river on LHS & Industrial Estates to Funny shaped roundabout
Take first exit to Nendaz & Veysonnaz
Go up mountain and pass through villages of Turin, Arvillard, Baar, Brigon, Beuson
At Beuson, approx 8km from traffic lights, turn sharp left for Veysonnaz
(If you get to Nendaz, you have gone too far! )
Go up windy road with magnificent views until you can see church
Keep right at fork and carry on approx 1.5km to Veysonnaz
At Veysonnaz, turn right into main street with management company Alpvision office on RHS
Carry on down main street to Le Greppon Blanc Restaurant
Turn right down steep hill Route de Pra
At bottom of hill, approx 100 metres, turn left into Route de Pracouettes
Carry on to end of road, approx 250m, and here are Les Balcons du Soleil.
The first two newer buildings are Balcons du Soleil 2 & 3,
The smaller chalet block beyond these is Balcons du Soleil 1 (none have names on them, sorry)
Parking is just the other side of the chalet block. Our space is number 8. Please make sure you print out and display the parking permit we send you.

Directions from 20 Balcons du Soleil to Geneva Airport

Road app. km To Total km
Apartment -- -- 5.4 Beuson 5.4
Beuson -- -- 7.6 Roundabout 13
Roundabout -- -- 2 Bridge 15
Bridge -- -- 0.4 Roundabout 15.4
Roundabout -- -- 0.1 Roundabout 15.5
Roundabout -- -- 0.1 Roundabout 15.6
Roundabout -- -- 0.1 Motorway 15.7
Motorway E27/E62 20 Martigny 35.7
Martigny E27/E62 47.5 Montreux 83.3
Montreux E62 30.7 Lausanne 114
Lausanne E25/E62 54 Airport Turn 168
Airport Turn -- -- 5 Airport 173

As you will be returning your keys, towels and bedlinen you need to drive along the road and then turn right up the steep hill, then left through village to Alpvision
At T Junction turn left down hill and follow signs to Nendaz
After approx 5.4km give way & turn right (Beuson Village is to your left)
Head for Sion Ouest, passing through Brigon, Baar, Arvillard, Turin
At bottom of mountain there is a funny shaped roundabout (approx 13.3km from apartment)
Take the third exit (ie 9 oclock)and drive past Industrial Estates then river on RHS
After approx 2km turn sharp right over bridge
Straight across first small roundabout
Straight across second small roundabout
At third small roundabout take second exit (ie 9 oclock)onto E27/E62 to Martigny/Geneva
After Martigny, head straight on for Lausanne
Approaching Lausanne, bear off right for Lausanne/Geneva
Then keep in middle lanes for Geneva E25/E62 for a while
Approx 5km before Geneva, watch out for signs to turn off right to Airport departures
Follow the signs for Airport Departures/Car Rental
Keep in right hand lane to Traffic Lights, then follow signs for Car Rental
There is an Agip fuel station on the RHS which takes payment by credit card/notes so you can fill up before you return your car
Immediately after this Agip fuel station, turn right into the slip road and follow Car Rental signs to multi storey
Drive into right hand entrance and take ticket from machine
Drive on a little further and reinsert ticket at next barrier!
Find the space for your car and then return keys to the office at the multi storey
Take the shuttle bus to Departures and check in

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